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Ophelia Wardrobe

Ophelia Wardrobe

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  • Item : 000511
  • Dimensions : L 6ft 5in W 1ft 9in H 7ft 2in

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If you’re the sort who thinks that a wardrobe should be as much about good looks as utility, then the Ophelia wardrobe should suit your tastes perfectly. It’s the kind of piece that’s as much furniture as art, as much art as fashion, satisfying every hard-to-impress customer.
A five-door creation that has been finished in teak-coloured textured wood coating, the wardrobe doesn’t shy away from preening in all its glory.
That sash of black and silver glass work running through the middle and charmingly punctuating its flawlessly rendered smooth panels attests to an underlying opulent spirit. Horizontal wooden handles just below the accents of glass work make for a subtle presence on a wardrobe that wears its grandeur proudly. If you have a desire to work some style into your space, then this is a must-have wardrobe to lend it that lavish touch.

Quick Overview


Medium-Density Fibreboard


Semi Gloss Mahogany Wood Finish


Assembly Required


Length: 6.5ft
Width: 1.9ft
Height: 7.2ft

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