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Desdemona Wardrobe

Desdemona Wardrobe

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  • Item : 000572
  • Dimensions : L 7ft 9in W 1ft 9in H 7ft 5in


If you’re given to fanciful notions, then the Desdemona wardrobe should have you suitably curious about its name itself. It does indeed have all the vintage, feminine appeal that its moniker symbolizes.

Deep wine-red undertones make an alluring statement as do the gracefully sculpted proportions of the wardrobe. The delicate outward projection through the centre gives the wardrobe a slight undulating quality that makes it stand out. Finished in mahogany and featuring a striking inlay design, the wardrobe has six MDF doors and two central drawers at the bottom, a design element as functional as it is aesthetic, providing relief from the monotony of vertical doors and offering space for all the foldable items. The wardrobe is embellished with antique brass handles that account for its old-world charm. If you want a richly textured space layered with a dash of history, then the Desdemona wardrobe will ‘antique up’ your room!

Quick Overview


Medium-Density Fibreboard


Semi Gloss Mahogany Wood Finish


Assembly Required


Length: 7.9ft
Width: 1.9ft
Height: 7.5ft

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