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Cupid Wardrobe

Cupid Wardrobe

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  • Item : 000527
  • Dimensions : L 5ft 9in W 2ft H 7ft 2in

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When Shakespeare said what’s in a name, he clearly hadn’t accounted for the intriguingly named Cupid wardrobe. One look at it and you’ll know why the name rings true. Just one look at the wardrobe is enough to make you fall in love with its classic design. Its clean lines practically invite you to run your hands along its polished cherry-coloured wood surface.
The four-door wardrobe that’s just a little over seven feet in height combines the best of both door types – sliding and the opening out ones. Handles flush with the surfaces and merging seamlessly with the overall design idea are reminiscent of traditional practices in Japanese architecture. The addition of two large centre drawers should be a welcome element, being the perfect space to store all those stunning pairs of shoes you own. With the Cupid wardrobe, it’s love at first sight!

Quick Overview


Medium-Density Fibreboard


Semi Gloss Mahogany Wood Finish


Assembly Required


Length: 5.9ft
Width: 2ft
Height: 7.2ft

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