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Verona Sofa Verona Sofa

Verona Sofa

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Rs. 23,500 - Rs. 52,500

East Egg Sofa East Egg Sofa

East Egg Sofa

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Rs. 21,050 - Rs. 46,800

Buchanan Sofa Buchanan Sofa

Buchanan Sofa

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Rs. 21,250 - Rs. 47,250

Jonah Sofa Jonah Sofa

Jonah Sofa

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Rs. 21,000 - Rs. 46,800

Gatsby Sofa Gatsby Sofa

Gatsby Sofa

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Rs. 38,600 - Rs. 65,250

Olympia Sofa Olympia Sofa

Olympia Sofa

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Rs. 27,800 - Rs. 61,800

Wolfsheim Sofa Wolfsheim Sofa

Wolfsheim Sofa

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Rs. 21,500 - Rs. 85,000

Sparta Sofa Sparta Sofa

Sparta Sofa

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Rs. 22,200 - Rs. 49,500

Wilson Sofa Wilson Sofa

Wilson Sofa

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Rs. 20,000 - Rs. 51,300

Scribner Sofa Scribner Sofa

Scribner Sofa

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Rs. 30,000 - Rs. 66,000

Baker Sofa Baker Sofa

Baker Sofa

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Rs. 21,950 - Rs. 48,750

West Sofa West Sofa

West Sofa

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Rs. 21,500 - Rs. 85,000

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Your living room is usually the first place that your guests see in your home, and also the place where they spend the most time. Your sofa is the focal point of your living room and the most used piece of furniture; whether you are entertaining guests, or comfortably watching television or just having a conversation with your mate. Hence it becomes vital to choose the right sofa set for your house.


Our collection of sofa set in Bangalore, and across the two other stores in Mumbai and Pune respectively are diverse. We have a variety of st