Wall Art Is All About Positivity & Love

Wall art is the medium of expression which beautifully fuses colour, texture and content that level up the wall decor. A Painting on your wall should be something you enjoy and hopefully fall in love with. Wall art can evoke many types of emotions. It can be relaxing, peaceful, lively, or many other emotions. It is truly said that Artists are like magicians because they can bring something as simple as paint and canvas to life through the art they create.

In the process of creating paintings and wall decor, it is important to understand the vision of the artist and the technique which will help you choose the right painting for your wall. Paintings in the living room should be appealing not only for you but also for your guests. Paintings portraying animals, birds or any scenery or nature attracts audiences of all age groups. While for the bedroom, you may put up paintings which are more personalized, such as a romantic couple of swans or a couple walking in rain. But as mentioned above, these are just suggestions as the most important aspect of any piece of art is how much you yourself enjoy looking at that piece.

Some paintings are simple yet beautiful, some are informative, while others give a wonderful message which brightens your mind, soul and body by giving you a sense of joy and happiness. Let us have a look at the art by the artist Ms. Shreyashi Das.

The beautiful paintings of Koi Fish and a pair of Parrots by this artist are phenomenal. Here the Koi fish are painted beautifully in red and yellow and white and pink color, rotating around a lotus. The lotus gives a message that no matter where you are born, you can be beautiful and make your own presence in this world. Here is how the artist Ms. Shreyashi Das described her painting while having a word with Lalco Interiors: “In Feng Shui, a pair of Koi fish symbolizes perseverance in adversity, good luck and strength of purpose. In Buddhism, it symbolizes courage. When closely observed, one will find that the artwork resembles the Yin-yang symbol which encapsulates duality and balance in the universe.”

The other painting by the same artist shows a pair of parrots sitting on a tree. Parrots are beautiful birds who can adapt to any environment and are quick learners. The phrase beauty with brains is perfectly suited to the parrots. Here is how the artist Ms. Shreyashi Das described her painting while having a word with Lalco Interiors: “Parrots are one of the most tender, intelligent and beautiful birds. A pair of parrots symbolizes love and is said to evoke endearment and romance when present strategically within the confines of one’s home.”

The Koi fish and lotus and pair of parrots gives such a great message and also brings positivity in the house. Add some paintings on your walls & make your life more colourful.

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