Upgrade Your Work From Home Setup

In the times of COVID-19, many of us around the globe are quickly adjusting to makeshift home offices. As working from home becomes the new normal nowadays, staying productive on a day-to-day basis can turn out to be quite a challenge. But don’t worry, we have put together some designs and tips for your workspace that could help you maximize your focus and seamlessly take the high road to productivity.

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Pick Your Spot

Pick a spot that is away from all the distractions such as TV, pets, children or kitchen noise. Ideally, a separate room or a corner of your living room or a bedroom that you can convert into your office space.

Organizing Your Desk

Your work surface is the most important part of your mood at work, as it’s where you actually sit down and accomplish your goals. A clean & tidy well-organized work area can help focus your mind and even improve your productivity levels. Keep only the items that you really need close to your hands such as your notepad, calculator and a pad of Post It notes. Desk drawers can provide the right and ample storage for items such as pens and highlighters. If you are buying a new desk, make sure you are choosing one with built-in drawers. This will provide you to keep your office essentials within easy reach, helping to keep your desk surface clear.

Gather Necessary Items

All your necessary items should have their own dedicated places on your desk, possibly within arms reach. Keep a garbage basket near your desk and throw away items that are not required, instead of letting them pile up on your desk. At the end of the day, recheck if there are things on your desk that are not required for your work. If yes, move them to a different, more suitable place.

Categorizing Items

Categorize all the items on the basis of their utility and find designated places for them in your home. For example, you may keep a tray for all your ‘in-progress files’, a basket for paper clips and other similar office supplies, and so on. Label your containers for easy access and understanding. This will help you find everything you need on the desk within minutes. Disinfect your table after you have decluttered your table. This is more important now than ever before pertaining to the current situation of Covid-19.

Avoid Cramping Up the Desk

Keep some pictures of your family and friends on your desk as it motivates you to work harder, but avoid crowding your desk with chunky frames. Avoid keeping multiple hard copies of notes, receipts, etc., if you have digital copies. Try to organize as many documents as possible on the cloud or drive. Simply keep the necessary items on the desk. The rest can be kept inside a drawer.

Many people find it difficult to concentrate while working from home. There might be various reasons apart from above such as inadequate furniture to support office work. Sitting for long hours at one place may result in small discomforts such as backaches and neck aches, as a result of prolonged sitting in the wrong position.

Lalco Interiors in Pune and Bangalore provide the right variety of furniture, not only in terms of the work but also all the household furniture such as beds, sofa-cum-beds, Sofas, etc. with a variety of price ranges and sizes to pick from. The new art galleries at Lalco Interiors now allow you to purchase one of a kind, unique art from local artists from around Pune and Bangalore.

We hope that you find these work from home tips useful to create a productive workspace even in these difficult times. During your visit with us, we encourage you to take prior appointments to avoid waiting in order to follow safety measures that make you feel most comfortable. For any questions or concerns, please get in touch with us.

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