Some tips for buying the best Sofas

Our furniture portrays our personality. When we think about furniture, whether for our home or office, the first thing that often comes to mind is the Sofa. At home, the Sofa is usually where we spend most of our time (while awake). In the office, we all want to impress our guests with the best and comfortable sofas we have. Here are some tips for you while buying a Sofa.

Foam: Different styles of foam are preferred by different age groups of people. Some older generations may prefer hard foam as it gives them firm support while getting up from their seat comfortably. While the younger generation prefers soft foam which according to them is comfortable and cozy. However, the foam should be a bit harder and not too soft as the soft foam may later cause backache problems.

Fabric: There are many fabrics available in the market such as velvet, nylon, polyester, acrylic and olefin. These fabrics are often blended with natural fibers to add durability and resistance to stains and fading. Families with active children and pets are often advised to go with fabrics like microfibers and twills as it resists staining and claw marks.

Colour & Style: The colour of your sofa plays a major role in the overall presentation of your home. You may even plan a theme for your living room such as contemporary look, modern look or traditional look. The colour of the sofa should match the background colour of the wall and the rest of your furniture. Usually it is preferable to go for the solid colours and darker colours rather than the light ones. The light colours are more prone to stains and will give a bad impression after a while when the accumulated dust starts showing up. Some sofas, like the ones manufactured at Lalco Interiors, also have facilities like changing the cover and washing every week or as per your convenience.

Shape & Size: Size of the sofa is an important thing to consider when you place the sofa in your living room. Depending on how big your living room is, you may select the shape and size of your sofa. The sofas can be a 3 seater or 4 seater straight sofa or the L-Shape sofa as is very common nowadays.

Above are some of the tips which will help you while buying a sofa for your home or office. Lalco Interiors in Pune and Bangalore have some of the best sofas in India. We customize sofas as per your requirements.

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