How to Choose the Perfect Sofa Fabric?

One of the most significant furniture selections you can make is choosing the perfect sofa! Picking the appropriate upholstery fabric for your cushions couch is just as important as choosing the perfect sofa for your living room. The comfort and enjoyment you get from resting after work, TV time, entertaining guests, napping, and many other activities that take place on your sofa all depend on what fabric covers your sofa.

Easy Hacks with Lalco Interiors to keep your Home cool and refreshing this summer!

Scorching summer heat is round the corner and so are the hot flashes. And with the unforgiving heat, it becomes quite difficult to keep your home cool without an air conditioner, (which even if available, racks up your electricity bill if you use it too much). Lalco Interiors brings you a few friendly hacks that will not only keep your house naturally cool but will also help to preserve the environment.

A Style Icon For Serviced Apartment in Mumbai

Interior design is a crucial part in any hotel or serviced apartment. The scope of work, budget, space planning, furniture placing at the right place can be complex. Designing the perfect hotel room or serviced apartment is not easy, but it is a responsibility Lalco Interiors has taken on with great success. With a keen eye for value coupled with a mindful approach to the style and essence of each property, Lalco Interiors has designed not just an apartment but entire hotel from reception to apartments to inhouse restaurants.

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