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Lalco Interiors
Varsha Apartments, 221, R. M. V. Extension, Sir. C. V. Raman Road

+91 (0) 80 2361 7682

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Designing a room or decorating a house can be a daunting task, but do not fear, Lalco Interiors is here to help you with all of your home furnishing needs. Uncertain of how to achieve ‘the perfect look’ for your room or want to conduct a makeover at your existing place? Let us assist you!! The Lalco Interiors furniture store in Bangalore understands how important it is to have interiors that best depicts your individuality and which is an extension of your personality. Hence, to help you achieve that, we at Lalco Interiors will help you with all of your home décor needs.

 Located at Armane Nagar in Bangalore, Lalco interiors is one of the best furniture showrooms in Bangalore.  With exceptionally beautiful designs of home furniture and furnishing products, our store in Bangalore is sure to provide you with options to suit your own personal style.

Your living room is usually the central and focal part of your home. First impressions last, and we have beautiful sofas in solid wood to offer you that will give a sensational effect as soon as someone walks into your house. Our products of furniture in Bangalore showroom include everything, right from outstandingly gorgeous luxury chairs to ultra-sophisticated office sofas. We have an entire range of artistically-designed sofas that are available in an array of shapes, sizes, material and colors. Come have a look!

Taking into consideration Bangalore’s geographical conditions, we have to offer you the perfect themes that will match your mood and atmosphere at home. Our wallpaper collection will help you in setting the scene right. From floral patterns to abstract shapes from bright and eye catching colors to some soothing ones, we have a diverse collection.

To match your taste we have a vast collection of dining tables that are fashionable and comfortable. We offer, solid wood, glass-top, or faux marble dining tables. We also store a wide range of table mats crockery units, and side boards for storage of cutlery alongside the dining table area.

 To keep the style quotient intact and to add an age-old value of finesse, Lalco Interiors’ furniture shop in Bangalore also deals with storage beds that include everything from hydraulic storage systems to those with drawers, box storage and cubbyholes inside the headboard.

Don’t just settle for any ordinary light! Buy elegant and classy chandeliers that vary from ceiling lights, pendant lights and wall lamps which sparkle with a decorative dash.

You can discover our large variety of accessories, which range from fragrant candles to chic bookends, from stunning lanterns to contemporary candle stands that will accentuate your home with their exquisite designs and highlight every setting with their elegance.

Every corner of your home is special and deserves to be comfortable but also stylish and elegant. Lalco Interiors, being one of the best furniture shops in Bangalore, brings you an exclusive selection of products that shall match your personal style and be the perfect solution to all your home décor woes.

At Lalco Interiors furniture shop Bangalore, we follow a strict quality policy wherein regular product checks ensures that whatever comes out as a final product from our store is nothing but the best. Our service desk is always ready for customer feedback and we work towards making our products better and enhancing your experience. Our team of expert Home Stylists will help you create that perfect look for your home!